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How do I select seats using the Seat Map?

Make sure you get the seats you want, whether you'd like to choose an aisle or window seat, sit together with friends and family, or upgrade to extra legroom (XL) seats.


How do I select my seats at the time of booking?

Use our handy seat map to make your seat selections, and upgrade them if you wish.

1.     You'll see 'Choose Seats' buttons beside your inbound and outbound flights, if seats are available to select. Click to make your selections.


2. Choose seats for Adult 1 by clicking ‘Add’. This opens the seat map.


3. Available seats are visible in blue, unavailable in grey. You’ll also see upgrade seats, indicated by an additional price

Please note that the seat map is for visual guidance only and is not true to scale.


4. When you’ve selected a seat it will turn yellow 


5. You’ll be taken back to the home screen. From here you’ll be able to select seats for any additional passengers, again by clicking ‘Add’


6. Once seats are selected for all travellers, click ‘Apply’ and repeat the process for the other flight. Seats are only finalised and reserved once you have completed your booking.

7. Child seats are chosen in the same way as adult seats. Note that children are not permitted to sit in XL seats, as these are located by emergency exits

8. Infants are linked to Adult 1 on the seat map. There are restrictions around where adults with infants can sit. Available seats for adults with infants are indicated on the map by a baby bottle.