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Introducing our new help & support robot

Yes, our friendly robot is only young and still learning, but its a fast and easier way for you to find everything you need know about your holiday. Our chatbot sits inside Facebook Messenger so there's no additional downloads or apps to install, simply ask the bot a question! 

The chat robot knows how to answer hundreds of different questions about your holiday, from what the weather will be like at your destination to which terminal you'll be departing from! If the chatbot can't help you for any reason, you'll be given the option to speak to an agent and one of our friendly social team will be on hand to help!

So what are you waiting for? Hit the link below to get started and try the new chatbot!

Try our new Chatbot - m.me/thomascook


Not sure what to ask the bot?

Try asking one of the questions below to get the conversation started!

  • “What Terminal am I flying from?”
  • “Where is my nearest Thomas Cook store?”
  • “Do you have any family offers?”
  • “Where should I go on holiday?”