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Travelling with infants and children

Infant Safety:

You should be aware that safety standards of babies’ cots abroad may vary from those in the UK. You should ensure that the vertical bars are no more than 10 cm apart and that there is a distance of at least 50 cm between the mattress and the top of the side rail. The mattress should fit snugly into the base of the cot.

If using a highchair, remember that standards differ from country to country so please check that it is sturdy, is equipped with a harness and is free from sharp edges.

Child safety:

There’s going to be no stopping your children from running around and having fun on holiday – it’s what they do best!  However, it’s possible to keep them safe without restricting their enjoyment. We’ve provided some helpful tips below to show you how. 
Playgrounds provide children with hours of fun but can also cause accidents if not used correctly. Make sure you or another adult stays with your children whenever they are using playground equipment.  And, take care that they are using all equipment as intended and in accordance with any rules of use that are displayed.

Children should never be left unsupervised on balconies, nor should there be any furniture near the balcony wall/railings as these could be easily climbed.  We make sure that the balconies of rooms that could be used by children meet our standards and those advised by the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO).

Older children may want to explore the local area or wander around the hotel but they  should do this in the company of an  adult.

Make sure that your children know their personal information:  their name, your name, their age etc.  This means that if they do  get lost, they  can identify themselves to a member of staff or other authority.  If you think that your child may not be able to remember this information then an identification bracelet (with your phone number) could be useful. It’s also helpful to get them to remember the name of the hotel that they’re staying in. 
Children love water: pools, waterparks and the beach are where they’ll want to be most of the holiday. That makes it all the more important that you know what to do to keep them safe near water.  Before entering a pool, waterpark or the beach, take the time to read the information board and any other signage available, and make sure that your children understand the dangers too. 

Children should:

-    Only jump feet first into water where the depth is known; 
-    Use slides and flumes as instructed;
-    Know where to get help in an emergency.

Children should never:

-    Swim alone;
-    Dive into unknown depths of water (if diving is permitted);
-    Push or jump onto others. 

There is more detailed guidance on swimming below this section.

Use of Lifts/Elevators:

Lifts can be dangerous if not used correctly. Children should never be allowed to use lifts without being accompanied by an adult. It’s good practice to hold their hand so that they’re unable to press any buttons, or obstruct closing doors.