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Safety tips for you and your kids around the pool


Did you know that less than a third of those with children have educated their kids on water depth and safety of diving in a pool? It’s really important before going away on holiday that you have a conversation with your little ones about swimming, so you can all make the most of having fun in the sun.

The Safer Tourism Foundation has launched a new campaign to raise awareness and encourage a safer swimming pool experience for families.

Kathy Atkinson, CEO of the Safer Tourism Foundation, said:

“Swimming pools are one of the great features of many family holidays abroad. We want people to enjoy their time in the pool. But too many people are having serious accidents in holiday swimming pools. This summer we want people to be able to RELAX in and around the swimming pool, confident about the safety of their family.”

Take some time to read these essential safety tips:

RECCE the pool environment when you first arrive at your accommodation

I know as soon as you see a swimming pool, the first thing you want to do is dump your towel on a sun lounger and jump straight into the pool. Don’t get ahead of yourself… It’s important to take the time to familiarise yourself with the pool area before using it, especially if you have kids. Every pool will have different information and a set of rules; don’t be caught out diving into a pool if it’s not allowed.

EYES on the kids

Making memories together as a family is one of the best things about heading abroad. The pool is a great way to ensure this happens as it’s so much fun. It’s essential that children are supervised at all times in the water, so take it in turns with your family to splash around. Also, you should have a conversation with your little ones about water depth and how they shouldn’t push others into the pool. Yes, it might be a bit of a laugh but make sure if anyone is getting in the pool that you encourage them to only jump in feet first.

LIFESAVING techniques

Learning some basic CPR is a great way to ensure you’re fully prepared for your holiday. I always find out if there’s a lifeguard at the swimming pool and if this is the case, where they are based. You should never assume that there’ll be a lifeguard present because not all hotels have one available or they may only be available at specified times.


Kids absolutely love using the pool. And, I know from experience when it’s time to pack up for the day, your little ones just don’t want to go back to the hotel room. If they’re in the process of learning how to swim and they can’t get enough of the water, while your packing up for the day make sure you keep their armbands on until you’re far enough from the poolside.

EXPLAIN to children how to use the pool safely

Every pool is different so everywhere that I go, I speak to my kids about how to use that particular one safely. Although I’ll always repeat myself and say don’t run anywhere near the pool, there’s so much more to be said like familiarising yourselves with the pool layout, identifying the deep and shallow ends, as well as being mindful of others using the facilities.

I hope you’ve found these safety tips helpful. For further information visit: https://safertourism.org.uk/