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My friend would like to go into their local Thomas Cook shop to contribute, is this possible?

We recommend that everyone uses the Gift of Travel site to contribute to your Gift of Travel account, so that you can see who has contributed.

However, if this isn’t possible, you can give them the ten-digit serial number* that you’ll find on the back of your Gift Card. They can then contribute to your Gift of Travel account in store, however, these funds won’t be itemised on your Gift of Travel account page, so there will be a difference between the balance shown on your Gift of Travel account and the actual balance of the Gift Card. It also means that they won’t be able to leave you a message, so you won’t know who made the gift.

*Please note that you should not share the long 16 digits Gift Card number with your friends and family. They will not be able to top-up your Gift Card in store with the 16 digits Gift Card number.