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Is there a minimum/maximum amount my friends and family can contribute?

The minimum contribution is £10.  There’s no maximum contribution, however, each Gift Card has a maximum limit of £5,000.  If your account exceeds £5,000, you’ll receive another card and any funds over £5,000 will be loaded onto the new one. When a contribution takes the balance of your card over £5,000, we’ll accept the payment, and show the contribution on your dashboard.

We’ll load your current Gift Card up to £5,000 and send you a new one. Within a few days of you receiving your new Gift Card, all remaining contributions over the £5,000 which have been added to your first Gift Card, will be loaded onto your new Gift Card. The delay is to make sure that the new card that we send you doesn’t have any funds on it before you receive it, so that while it’s in transit, there are no funds on the card and it can’t be used. Remember that you’ll need to protect your funds on the second card by registering it at www.thomascook.com/gift-cards, like you did with your first card.