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Can I hide the names and messages from the people who contribute to my Gift of Travel on my page, so only I can see who gave what and the message they left?

Yes, when you create your page, you can select whether or not the contributions are published on your web page. If you want the contributions to be kept private so that only you can see them, the amount and date of the contributions will still be on the page, but they’ll be displayed as ‘A secret gift’ rather than showing the  name and  message. You’ll still be able to see who made a contribution and the message they’ve left you on your dashboard though, so you know who to thank. Please be aware that even if you want names and messages to be displayed on your page, when someone makes a contribution, they may decide to make it only visible to you; those will also be shown with the amount and date as ‘A secret gift’ on your page, and visible in full on your dashboard.