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How do I tell my friends and family that my Gift of Travel page has been set up?

You’ll need to send your unique web page address, e.g. http://giftoftravel.thomascook.com/John-and-Jane-Smith to your friends and family. There are several ways you can do this:

•             When you are logged in on your Gift of Travel account, you can click on ‘Share my page’ on your dashboard. You’ll be able to send an email to one or several people at the same time with a personal message. They’ll receive an email with a link that’ll direct them to your page. Why don’t you share the page with yourself to see what it’ll look like?

•             You can add the web page address to your invitations, but we recommend that you copy and paste the address rather than type it to avoid any spelling errors. If you have to write the address of your page, be very careful about spelling as any mistake will mean that friends and family won’t be able to access your page.

•             You can also share the web page address via Facebook or other social media accounts; but be aware that by doing so, the privacy of your page will become dependent on the privacy settings of your social media account.