You will need to check in online with Sun Express to avoid paying an airport check-in fee. You can check in using the link below, but you may want to take a look at our check-in guide first.

Before you get started make sure you have the following handy;

  • Your flight reference found on your invoice/confirmation - this is not your Thomas Cook booking reference and can be found on the ‘flights’ section of your Thomas Cook invoice labelled ‘airline reference’. If you're having trouble using your airline reference on your airline’s website, please check you’re using the right letters and numbers as the letters ‘I, O and Z’ can look like the numbers ‘1, 0 and 2’. The reference is a random selection of numbers and letters in any order and could also be made up of just letters.

  • Your departure date.

Check in

  • Go to the Sun Express website and click the 'My Booking' tab

  • Make sure you have selected the correct tab 'SunExpress Bookings' as shown below:

  • Enter your details - your 'Booking number’ is your ‘Airline reference’ (as shown above) and your surname.
  • If you wish to pre-book any extras you can do this on the Sun Express website. This includes pre-booking airport check-in.

*Please don’t forget to check-in for your return flight! You may be on holiday when you need to do this. If you need to view your boarding cards, you’ll find these by logging into your account via your airline’s website or app.