The best way to add baggage and seats is through the booking journey on our website if they are available to book. This is where you can pick your seat numbers and make sure you have enough baggage booked.

If you have already made a booking and want to add these on, you can. You'll need to log on to EasyJet's website and pay them directly. We've added a link above and below to take you there but please read on to help assist you in adding on your flight extras. Please remember if you're adding on any flight extras directly with the airline it will not show on your Thomas Cook invoice.

Make sure you have the following handy, as you can't access your booking without it!

  • Your Airline reference found on your Thomas Cook invoice/confirmation (This is not your Thomas Cook booking reference. You will find the correct reference number in the flights section of your Thomas Cook invoice and it's labelled Airline reference), If you're having trouble using your airline reference on your airlines website, please check you are using the right letters and numbers as the letters I O Z can look like the numbers 1 0 and 2. The reference is a random selection of numbers and letters in any order and could also be just letters. 
  • Lead passenger surname
  • Your payment card details

Once you have clicked on the link, make sure you select 'Find Booking' tab. You'll then need to add in your surname and in the section named 'booking reference' add in your airline reference mentioned above.

From here you will have access to your booking where you can choose and pay for any extra baggage you need and add on pre booked seating, any changes made here will need to be paid in full to the airline directly.