No, you do not need a password to verify your booking. You will still need to verify your booking.  

Please follow the below steps to verify your booking

  • Head to the Ryanair website
  • Click ‘My bookings’
  • Choose ‘Reservation number’
  • Click the link at the bottom for bookings made via a third party – this link can be found under the yellow button ‘Retrieve your booking’
  • Enter your booking reference and the name of the passenger you're verifying
  • Select either express verification or standard verification

Express verification uses facial recognition technology to verify your identification. It takes approximately 2 minutes and there's a small admin fee of €0.59. 


Standard verification uses your signature to verify your ID. This option doesn’t incur a fee but can take up to 7 days. 


Find more information on how to manage your Ryanair flights with our dedicated FAQs. 


Once you have completed the above steps you will be able to add your flight booking to your Ryanair account.